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Take Your Brain To The Gym And Increase Your Brain Power With This Scientifically Proven Set Of Memory Improvement Games (25%Off)

​Nobody doubts the necessity of physical exercise nowadays. Hundreds of studies - and most of all our own experience - have proven the beneficial effects of regular workout. We are surrounded by gyms, personal trainers and fitness programs. Because we are aware of the fact that appropriate workout will keep us strong, vital and healthy. It slows down the aging process and makes us less susceptible to diseases.

How About Mental Fitness?

A healthy body is an important part of over-all and mental well-being. But how about our mental fitness? 
For centuries on end, the importance of physical performance has diminished in our daily lives. Today, hardly any profession requires muscle. On the other hand - almost every profession requires an increasing amount of brain power.

The amount of daily text messages alone the average person is exposed to today supersedes the yearly read-load of our ancestors. Not to mention emails, news, blogs, articles and videos.

Survival of the Smartest

In the 21st century, it’s all about mental fitness.
We live in the information age. Our quality of life depends on the ability to filter, process and store information.
Adapt to changes, know the facts, connect the dots and make the right decisions.

Without mental fitness...

  • Students fall behind and cannot keep up with their studies
  • Employees can’t adapt to changing work environments
  • Managers can’t make the right decisions
  • Elderly people suffer from a flagging memory and loss of social contacts
mental fitness over age

More severe forms of these conditions are depression, permanent stress or burn-out, alzheimer, isolation, emotional and financial distress.

If we do nothing, time is against us

Just like our body, our brain needs exercise in order to maintain its capacities.

Studies performed by NeuroNation show (diagram on the left) that Reasoning, Memory and Focus go into rapid decline after reaching their peak at the age of 20.

The Good News:

We Can Stop And Reverse The Process of Mental Decay

How? Simple. Just like our body, our mind needs regular and appropriate exercise.
Memory, focus and intelligence in general can be maintained and improved by flexing our brain muscle. And just like we need a set of effective, personalized routines when building your abs or biceps, we need scientifically proven methods when building up our brain power. Like this set of memory improvement games developed by NeuroNation. I play them myself every day! 

A Brain Power Training Program Developed By German Scientists

neuronation partners in brain games development

NeuroNation is a next generation brain training program developed in cooperation with research institutions such as the Free University in Berlin (ten nobel prize winners), University of Technology Dortmund and Edith Cowan University. It was awarded by the German Federal Ministry of Health and is the only brain training course eligible for reimbursement by the biggest health insurance company in Germany - AOK.

The over 50 focus, intelligence and memory improvement games plus 9 personalized courses in the program incorporate the latest findings in Neuroscience and Cognitive Psychology. 

Here Is What You Can Achieve Having Fun
Playing Brain Games For Ten Minutes A Day: 

  • Improve your focus, memory and intelligence regardless of age
  • Enhance cognitive abilities and confidence
  • For school and college students: make learning easy and pass tests
  • Reduce workplace stress and avoid burnout
  • Stay mentally fit in old age and avoid alzheimer
  • Improve logic, attention and verbal skills
  • Remember names and phone numbers easier

With brain training, individuals became more efficient at performing everyday tasks of varying complexity - from writing a shopping list to operating technical equipment. Memory improved with brain training, and the enhancements lasted up to five years following the workout...  (Read the full study here)

Dr. Sherry Willis
Professor at the University of Texas

Many people are capable of improving specific cognitive functions with targeted cognitive training. NeuroNation consists of simple but motivating exercises. Read more...

Professor Michael Falkenstein

I know of no other program which is so intense and effective. Only when you reach your limit, can you really improve! Read more...

Dr. Gunther Karsten
World memory champion

How It Works:

The program is designed adapt to your needs and abilities. That´s why the first step is to run a quick assessment test and provide some basic information like age and gender.
Then, you get to choose which course you want to enrol to, according to your preferences. Each course is a series of daily exercises. It consists of memory improvement games, riddles, pattern recognition- and focus-exercises. They will take 10-15 minutes per day to complete. Each course has seven daily sessions.
Furthermore, memory improvement tips can be found in the articles-section.

When an exercise is too easy​, we get bored and give up.
When an exercise is too difficult​, we get frustrated and give up.

This is why training programs need to have a feedback mechanism which reacts to the trainee's performance.
And that's exactly what the NeuroNation Program does. I tried it myself. It's fascinating. By auto-adjusting the level of difficulty according to your performance, it always keeps you on your toes and in the zone of optimal learning.

Exercises And Memory Improvement Games

Exercises are brain games and memory games that can be played at any given time according to your preference.
More than 50 brain games are available under these categories:

1. Numeracy - number combination games

Numeracy trains your algebraic skills. These exercises challenge you to find the correct solution in a limited time. You need to perform quick mental calculations. Practicing your math skills and dealing with numbers. 

numeracy brain games

2. Language - word and letter puzzles

Your verbal fluency is trained. The task is to test your vocabulary and see how well you do in finding the right words.
At the same time these exercises improve your working memory.

memory improvement games using language

3. Reasoning - logic and combination based games

Here, your ability to recognize patterns is trained. Requiring you to understand the relationship of one object to a group of other objects. Recognizing patterns in everyday life is very important. It helps you to derive logical conclusions and solve problems.

memory building games

4. Memory - memorizing patterns and symbols

These memory improvement games are designed to train your working memory. It's a short term information storage and is of great importance to your intelligence.

memory improvement tips and games

5. Perception - concentration, will power and multitasking

Train your sensory acuity and attention. Process information faster. React quickly to changing situations. 

mental stimulation

Here is a video recording of an exercise session of me playing memory games:

Choose your Course:

The courses are the backbone of the training. You can choose any course you want. But in order to get results, you'll have to stick with it for a week. Do your 10 minute session every day. It's fun!

  • Memory (part 1 and 2)
    Train your memory
  • Concentration (part 1 and 2)
    Improve your concentration and attention span
  • Intelligence (part 1 and 2)
    Improve your logical thinking and problem-solving abilities
  • Speed
    This course improves your reaction speed and your visuospatial attention
  • MemoWork Med
    The working memory intensive course
  • Primus
    The learning success course: Designed in collaboration with scientists to help improve your learning and working skills - helping you to learn new things more efficiently.

The NeuroNation course is continuously being updated.
You will never run out of choices and memory improvement games to play.

Sounds Good! How Much Is It Then?

There are 4 options to join the training:

brain power system price table

Not bad right? 7 bucks a month for a world class brain power training program? But wait - it gets better:

I negotiated a 25% discount for you!

Join Now and Get 25% Off

Over 9 million people have joined NeuroNation until today. Improving their lives and enjoying the benefits of a stronger mind and better memory. Now is the time for you to join the mental fitness movement.

14 Days Money Back Guarantee

Check out the training for two weeks risk free. If you don't like it - simple.
Get your money back. No questions asked.